LindyCON is the celebration of Lindy Hop Dancers, in all our quirkyness.

Founded in 2013, LindyCON was a new style of event featuring inspirational talks, gaming, and dancing. We had a lot of fun hosting this event, bringing the dance community together for socialization, introspection, and unique learning opportunities. We hope that you'll join us.

Shawn, Chelsea, Katie, Aidan

Here's the basics...

LindyCON is about the social dance. It's not how to dance, it's about the lifestyle. Click the icons to the right to learn some more about LindyCON.

Frankie Talks

Friday, 8:00pm
at Sokol Hall!

Davina Sowers
An Interview with a Davina

Sara Cherny will conduct an interview with the band she discovered for dancers nearly a decade ago. In that time Davina has grown from local talent to internationally acclaimed singer and band leader. How did she get there? Where does she find her inspiration? What's her origin story? What's next for her? All these questions and more along with yours will be discussed as we kick off this special lunch session.

Morning Session (11am)

Shawn Lavelle
The Death of a Forum

Forums never stood a chance against Facebook. Have you ever wondered why? Shawn has an idea rooted in a social dynamic theory.

Amy Engelhard and Chelsea Lavelle
This. Is. LindyCON!

LindyCON is a peculiar beast. Come hear about the origin story behind LindyCON and what our hopes and aspirations are.

Laney Barhaugh and Susan Olson
Safer Spaces - How and For Whom?

The dances that we do and the communities that we build around them do not exist in a vacuum. Most of us know that nearly every woman who dances has a story to tell about discomfort or harassment or even assault, but we should also acknowledge that the majority of the spaces we dance in do not feel accessible or comfortable for people of color. This talk will address why making our spaces both welcoming and safe to all is important, and strategies to work toward that end.

Lunch Session (100pm)

Patrick Harison
The Man Behind The Accordion

Patty of Patty and the Buttons has also agreed to sit down with us and discuss life as he knows it as an accordion player. He'll share with us his origin story, how he came to jazz and accordion, and what he thinks of dancers. Come prepared with your own questions and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Afternoon Session (2:30pm)

Kimberley Wobschall
All I need to know in life I learned from Lindy Hop

Let's explore those dance "AH HA" moments only Lindy Hoppers can truly appreciate. For these moments bring the final clarity to life lessons. These lesson can then be applied to enhance dancing as well as enriching other areas of life.

Joey Science!
Designing Better Dance Forms

Getting the data you want as an organizer is hard: both at the beginning and ending of your event. Registration systems expose our biases, from asking for dance role and assuming that will dictate the style of shirt to no clear policy on given versus assumed names. Similarly, exit surveys abuse the Likert format, ask unclear questions, or use the wrong question for the data they want. Together, we'll reduce bias and get our actual questions answered.

Sara Cherny
How Not to Fill Out a Feedback Form

Sara has been running dance events for years. (And she means YEARS.) Hear some of the delights as well as the terrors of the various feedback she's heard, and learn the best ways to offer your constructive criticisms to event organizers without knocking them off their tired feet.

All talks, except Davina's, will take place at Andrew Anderson's home in Fridly, MN. Davina's interview will be conducted at Sokol Hall before the dance.

2014 Videos


The Ole Panel

Human Cognition and Leading

Where does your event dollar go?

Cultural Appropriation in Lindy Hop

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Davina and the Vagabonds

“Davina Sowers’ classically trained right fingers shimmy down the piano keys and meet up with an insistent boogie-woogie bass. Then she reveals her other musical talent: a sassy, salty, sweet voice that’s childlike at the top, husky at the bottom.” -NPR / Marc Silver 2011 “Song of The Day” / Lipstick and Chrome

“ Think of a meld of Bessie Smith, Etta James, Alberta Adams and Amy Winehouse, and you come close to understanding what Davina Sowers is all about…Davina is a real talent who deserves greater exposure – and I have no option but to highly recommend this band.” -Blues In Britain (UK)

Events / Schedule

Davina & the Vagabonds
Sokol Hall
8p to Midnight, Friday
Frankie Talks
Andrew's Home
11am to 5pm, Saturday
House Party
Tent House
9p to 2am, Saturday
Patty & the Buttons
Aster Cafe
11am to 2pm, Sunday

Davina and the Vagabonds

Sokol Hall
Friday, 830pm to Midnight
$20, 20% off in advance

Our opening dance is going to be one for the ages. Davina and the Vagabonds present an amazing blast of energy that one must bear witness to in order to truly understand. Fast, Slow, and everything in between, Davina performs with the power and emotion of the best. For good measure, she's performing in a hall with over 2000 square feet of dance space!

Frankie Talks & Gaming

Andrew's Home
Saturday, 10am to 5pm
$20 A la carte

The core of LindyCON are the Frankie Talks and Gaming. While the talk schedule is available above, there will be three sessions. Each session is scheduled for 90 minutes with an 60 minute break in between. The sessions will start at 10, 1230, and 3.

Gaming sessions are open ended, and the number of games available is great. Bring your own or play what's available, either way, you'll find worthy opponents abound.

For those interested in having lunch together, we have the option to buy into a pizza lunch for $10.

House Party

Tent House
Saturday, 9pm to 2am
Free for weekend pass holders
$5 a la carte

The house party on Saturday Night is the place to connect with your fellow dancers. We'll have gaming downstairs and blues dancing upstairs. Food and Drink will be on hand as well. BYOB encouraged. LindyCON is proud to work with Collectively Blue to provide excellent DJs.

Sunday Activities

Sunday, 11am @ Aster

While not officially part of the weekend, we highly encourage you to head to Aster Cafe for Patty and the Buttons. Make your own reservation at 612.379.3138.


Sokol Hall

Davina and the Vagabonds

383 W Michigan St St Paul, MN 55102

Andrew's Home

LindyCON Frankie Talks

6128 Woody Lane NE Fridley MN 55432

Ricky's Tent House

Saturday House Party

6832 Humboldt Ave. S. Richfield, MN

Registration Details

LindyCON Tickets
Pre-Reg closes June 1. Includes Davina, Frankie Talks, and the House Party.
Davina Only
$20 at the door, 20% off in advance.
Frankie Talks Only
$20 at the door, $20 in advance.
CON Lunch
Get in on an order of pizza, includes soda and snacks.
Additional Donations
Please consider donating some additional money to LindyCON and Midwest Lindyfest!
5% of all Davina and the Vagabonds Sales will be donated to the Commemorative Air Force Hanger Dance!
85% of all profits will be donated to the Rhythm Junction Sound Campaign.

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